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Founder of Mixteka - a virtual DJ solution for weddings and events at a fraction the cost of a typical DJ!  Includes prerecorded Emcee announcements, offline playback at the event and guests are invited to recommend music - ensuring you provide the perfect playlist.

Website and launch are coming soon!


Music is so inspiring!

Here are some tracks that I love... I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Blog Thoughts

Check out my blog, where I write of all the miscelany of my mind.  With a general focus at the intersection of or wanderings of startups, music, business process & technology, communications and progressive religion.  It is here that I share what I am reading, what I am writing, what news is catching my attention and having me think differently as well as where I share about travel and food - some of my favorite home oriented topics.  It is also where I work out some of my ideas and prescriptives for change.  I only hope that you find it interesting and valuable.  Some archived writings are still housed here on the website on my Writings page.

You can also follow me, friend me, like me and whatever other verb pleases you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



I recently received my official Spanish birth certificate!  I now have the legal ability to live and work in 26 countries!   As most of you probably know I grew up in Spain and my Dad is originally from Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  I have lived in Spain as an adult and Matthew and I very much want to live and work there again in the future (although perhaps not full time).

Recently, Spain enacted a law that allows all children and grandchildren whose parents/grandparents were born in Spain and who left between 1936 and 1955 to 'regain' their natural Spanish citizenship.


Tips and Advice for Micro-Biz Startups

The Internet Plan:  A Workbook for Creating Your Online Presence is a book that I just had published in the summer of 2011!  Check it out!  It is available for sale on the website and on Amazon. You can also read the book online!


2014:  A year of family loves and losses.  Looking forward to 2015 where we can get out of the country and travel a bit more.

2013: It was a year of the family & friends vacations... the plan is to spend some quality time with family in Wisconsin & Michigan as well as a trip out to the pacific coast.

2012:  Escapes to Puerto Vallarta so that I can take a few days off.  I've somehow lost the capacity for doing so while in Colorado.

2011: Mom & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary

2011 Spring - France & Spain: We are finally taking a trip to Europe where we visit a new place.  This will be our first visit to Paris so we are very much looking forward to this trip!!  Send me any suggestions you may have.

2011 Winter - PV Again: We are making a habit of coming here and think we should invest.  :)

It is hard to see the moon - but this was an incredible view of the full moon under the aqueduct in Segovia, Spain.